Posted by : Arjun Lagisetty Monday, December 16, 2013

I have seen ODI implementations where, code was migrated from one environment to another using simple export import of master and work repository schema from one environment to another. This is a common problem scenario observed, especially when a DBA is involved in maintaining ODI installation. 

This is a very dangerous practice in the long run and can do much harm than immediate good. Coming from a DBA background it might be tempting and easy to schema export and import,but I recommend avoiding this in all cases. 

Firstly, Oracle strongly discourages tampering directly with back-end tables. Secondly, It is a best practice, if not absolutely necessary to maintain different IDs for work and master repositories across different ODI environments. By doing refresh of schema we are simply, copying IDs from one environment to another. to understand the importance of maintaining different IDs please see ODI documentation about internal identifiers of the objects here (This is under the heading "20.1.1 Internal Identifiers (IDs)" in documentation). 

I can not emphasize enough about the importance of maintaining different IDs across different ODI installations.It was such a common practice in ODI 10G installations, starting in 11G oracle introduced a feature to renumber the repositories after installation. Starting in 12C oracle introduced GUID generator for generating a random Work and Master repsitory IDs. For the curious click here for GUID introduction.

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  1. We are docommissioning the old production box and putting it in new Oracle DB box, can we make a copy of complete Master / Wrok schemas from old box to new?
    And what config changes be need to done in new box to make the repository up to date?


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