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This is a very generic error we can get while importing.. Other than the fact that we are not able to import successfully we are not provided any more information. I faced this situation twice and was able to fix it according to the following methods.

  1. Permission issues: My first encounter is while importing an interface. My user name only had designer profile but not meta-data admin profile assigned to it in the security navigator. Though unintuitive its looks like, to import an interface its not enough to have designer profile but you also need to have meta-data admin profile. Though it was just a permission issue ODI Studio was not really helpful in giving me the right message. All I had to do was to assign myself meta-admin profile I was able to import and interface with out any problem...
  2. Parent object ID is different: First of all some back ground about the  structure of the XML files which are exported. They contain reference to a parent folder by the virtue of ParIfolder tag. This is a reference to the parent folder which the object was exported from. I was importing an sub folder into a project folder when I got this dreaded message. My exported sub folder was referring to a parent folder with ID 1238. I was trying to import this folder into the parent folder with id 4532, I got this error. Since my sub folder exported XML file was referring to a parent folder with ID 1238 I was not able to import the sub folder into the parent folder with ID 4532.  Only way to fix is to edit the exported sub folder xml to point to the ID 4532 instead of ID 1238 and import in synonym mode. This is a straight forward issue and should be easily reported in a specific error message instead of generic import error message, too bad ODI does not do it.
  3. Target work repository and the Source work repository have the same ID. Its an ODI standard practice to assign unique ID to each repository. One of the things to check if the above two conditions fail is the the work repository id of the exported object and the target repository and make sure they dont match.
If you come across any more cases please do let me know. I will update this blog post.

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  1. Got one.Not sure what the actual issue is.

    1. You have to enable higher log level... and it helps in debugging.

    2. Can you tell me exactly which logs are you referring..I could not see this in the ODI agent logs

    3. I was referring to studio log level. You have to change it in the logs directory.
      Here are instructions on how to change the logging level in the agent.

      You can use the same techniques for Studio in the following file


  2. Excellant. I got the same issue and 2nd resolution helped me two resolve the issue. Thank you so much

  3. Hi:
    Can you please tell me that what kind of permissions required and is it at database level or OS level.
    Secondly please tell me the table names in which I can able to check repository ids.etc

    1. You can check it in the topology in 10G and 11G. In 11G you can renumber the repository id in the topology manager.

  4. hii. i got one error while impoting knowledge modules in ODI11G. error code is ODI23040:importing file.. could you plz tell me how to rectify error.


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