Posted by : Arjun Lagisetty Monday, January 6, 2014

Programmers sometimes can be excited and jumpy. Once we get a problem its often fascinating to jump right into coding and solving it. Before coding, I recommend taking a step back and think and think while writing the code. Think about your work will help you work more effectively. Here are some of the actions which I developed as a part of my thought process. Most of these steps are very common across most programming frameworks, but when we program using tools we often tend to over look these important best practices.

  1. Develop the folder and the project structure for your code.. start small. and actively reorganize as the complexity of the code rows. Beware of entropy, if you do not clean up and rearrange after a while it would be too hard to late to do the same
  2. Develop, document and follow naming standards. I cannot emphasize on how important this is.
  3. Review often, keep an eye out for what can moved into a KM or can be moved to a common framework.
  4. Write an algorithm on paper or create a mock objects in the tool, before commiting to actual programming. For example, before writing a package create fake steps can which correspond to actual steps in ODI studio these steps do not anything, write down the description and documentation of these steps. As we write and review it , this will bring out some absurdities in our initial thought process, catching these at the design time, will reduce great amouint of time redoing the package when we realize a blunder in the middle of coding.. Moreover, keep a healthy balance on when to quit designing and start writing code.
  5. Develop skills in Groovy , Jython and Java. This will help in thinking about how to use advanced ODI features. As a matter of fact having exposure to as many tool sets as possibles makes you ambivalent.

Here are two excellent resources which would help you become an all rounded coder. Blog by Jeff Atwood ( Pragmatic programmer book by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

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