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Migration domain member configuration and the system configuration from one environment to another is a very tedious task if done manually. For this BIACM offers export import utility. This utility is very bug ridden, we got several issues during migration, below is one of the error and how we fixed it.

General rule of thumb is that when we do migrations and it fails, we ought to just redo it multiple times and it just works. Lets say if the import fails in the middle we try importing one by one starting with System setup, Data Load Parameters, Reporting Parameters and Domain member mappings.

Error 1:

oracle.jbo.DMLConstraintException: JBO-26048: Constraint "CDM31_PK" is violated during post operation "Insert" using SQL statement "INSERT INTO C_DOMAIN_MEMBER(DOMAIN_MEMBER_CODE,CREATED_BY,CREATION_DATE,LAST_UPDATED_BY,LAST_UPDATE_DATE,LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN,DOMAIN_KEY) VALUES (:1,:2,:3,:4,:5,:6,:7)".
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This was simply fixed by re-importing domain member mapping

Error 2:

 java.lang.Exception: oracle.jbo.TooManyObjectsException: JBO-25013: Too many objects match the primary key oracle.jbo.Key[US ].

Open languages.xml from the zip file and delete all the XML nodes.

Repackage the xml in the zip file with the same name and reimport the zip file

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