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Here is a good authoritative link, which we used to successfully prepare for the exam. Being a fan of no repetition I am going to point to that website.

Also we followed instructions on

Here are some of the topics specifically which were asked:
  1. web_cat folder file in OBIEEE Location
  2. Questions about Oracle EDQ date parser
  3. Quite a few questions on EDQ parsing
  4. EDQ AV
  5. EDQ Data profiling
  6. Perform a matching process, identify duplicated records, balance performance and duplicate detection accuracy
  7. Configure EDQ to work with Data Stores, Snapshots, Staged Data, Exports
  8. Describe profiling results and the use of Resultbooks and Publish features
  9. Explain address verification and Address Verification statistics (this is also related to EDQ.
  10. Advanced package editing: In package step -->advanced tab -->log steps in journal.
  11. Monitor the execution of interfaces
  12. Explain the parsing process and referencing review results.
  13. Questions on how to deal with partitioning in ODI.

  14. The only way to pass the exam is to answer a few questions correctly on EDQ. At the least study the basics of EDQ on how profiling, matching process is done. If you don't study EDQ, you have to answers all the other questions related to ODI and golden gate correctly. I was not that confident that I would pass the exam as they were a lot of questions on EDQ (atleast 10--15)
    FYI: This really works. 
Good luck... See this on your resume soon.

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