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For us, Data Geeks. Security is least of our concern it's somewhere in back of our minds, scratch that may be it's not even there. When it comes to ODI administration, Some admins out there think that security is just creating restrictive profiles for user roles in Security Navigator. That's only part of the security solution. But have you ever considered security over Wire, We are moving tonnes of data over the network where it's prone to sniffing and tapping. Most of our work loads often happen behind the firewall in our data center but, in this cloud era where we are sharing the network with others it's important to consider encrypting data over the wire.

In this blog topics we are limiting our discussion to, connecting to Oracle Databases using JDBC thin driver.


Features are only available in Oracle 11g r2. Oracle DBA has to enable Oracle Advanced Security on the server side.


  • Navigate to Topology
  • Select the Oracle data server to add properties.
  • On the Properties tab click Add a Property.
  • Specify a Key identifying this property. This key is case-sensitive.
  • Specify a value for the property.
  • From the File menu, click Save.
You should set the following four properties for encrypting the client connection.

Optionally: You can also use the following parameters to enable authentication services.

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