Posted by : Arjun Lagisetty Thursday, April 7, 2016

Did you ever have a Oracle Data Integrator Studio Installation fail on you without any error info? Well, it happened to me. I was perplexed for a while. Most of times, installing studio was a straightforward process. Well, what do you do if it ever went awry? Where do you start?

Tip 1: 

Start the installer in command prompt. When you simply double click the installer you will not be able to see all the logs written to console. It helps to start a program from command prompt. For all you cmd noobs out there see this link.

Tip 2:

Understand how the Oracle Universal Installer works. See this link to understand OUI.

Quick Tip:

See this location for log files: This location will be displayed in console when you launch it from the command prompt


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